23 Travel, Kids, and Mommy Products: My Go-To’s that You Can Get On Amazon

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Being a mom traveling with kids, sometimes the best things in life are the things that save me from disastrous situations, like being in the store with two screaming preschoolers asking for everything in the aisle. Spending a fortune on impulse buys because the end cap of the aisle is so enticing.

I frequently use online shopping to make my life a little easier. Freeing up some time instead of driving store to store walking around and looking for items,  I can simply pick up my laptop, grab a drink, and order online. Online shopping is my jam, and Amazon is my go-to place. I am an Amazon Prime member and associate and I love the benefits of both.

What is Amazon Prime?

Not sure what Amazon Prime is. Amazon Prime is a membership program with Amazon. It includes Prime shipping which is two-day shipping no matter the cost of the item. So if you purchase $10 dollars or $100 dollars the shipping is included in your membership at no additional cost. Amazon Prime membership includes Amazon Music and Amazon Video which are streaming sources which provide members access to movies, shows, and songs.

Amazon Prime membership includes photo storage which has been great for me since having my kids, easily backed up, and easily accessed online. Amazon Prime Membership also provides access to the lending library, where members can get one free book a month to read on their kindle. The lending library includes magazines as well. Amazon Prime membership cost $119 and I have saved well over that amount in shipping cost.

My Amazon Recommendations

Most of you are aware that I travel often with my kids and I have a staple of items that we use for our adventures. Most of these products were purchased on Amazon. I like how easy it is to return items, I love the fast shipping, and I love the time that I save.  In addition, I love the honest reviews I can check before purchasing anything.

1. Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

We have tablets for our kids to use when we travel and we have been happy with the ability to play games, use wifi if needed, and download apps before flights. I like that I am able to download education apps, books, and games. Plus with my Amazon Prime membership, I can check out a book from the lending library and borrow my kids kindles when they are sleeping, because there is no reading with preschoolers awake, right.

 2. Kindle Fire Tablet Case

If you’re going to get a kindle for your kid then you got to get a case because simply put, kids. I love this case because the kids can grip the device by the handles. The case is drop and impact resistant. So you can protect your Kindle investment. The base of the case also allows you to sit the Kindle up for the perfect viewing pleasure,  so you can set it up on the table and watch without touching it. How many times have you tried to set up a cell phone or tablet on a table with a ketchup bottle or cup behind it? My favorite thing about the case is the lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Which is great if you have a chewer or a child who is a little harder on the electronics.



3. Headphones

They seriously are the cutest headphones ever! Logan loves his fox ones and they have plenty of cute ones available. They are size adjustable by velcro, lightweight, soft and oh so cozy. No need to worry about breaking the headphones when in your carry on or even diaper bag because they are made of fabric, not cheap plastic, so they have lasted a while for us.

4. Amazon Echo

We have had so many great memories with the echo. It is voice activated and it responds to both of our kid’s voices. Both kids can request their favorite songs and dance along. There is nothing cuter than my two kids asking Alexa their daily questions and if you say “Alexa, Simon Says “, then say a phrase, Alexa will respond back with what you said. I often use the pharase time for bed.

5. Learning Fun

This Little Gen Water beads kit comes with tweezers and scissor-like scoops to help with fine motor skills. A fun way to grow and promote skills. Play is the best way to promote skills and often time is the best therapy.

6. Monkey Noodle

Soft and stretchy 5 pack. Great for keeping fidgety hands busy. Stretches from 10 inches to 8 feet.

7. Mr. Potato Head

You must love a great classic.  I used Mr. Potato Head to teach body parts, turn taking, and back and forth flow in communication with Logan. There are plenty of types of Mr. Potato Head but the standard classic is my favorite.

8. Pop the Pig

Logan loves this game, again we use this to build skills that he has trouble with due to his autism. Counting, turn taking, joint attention, and lots of giggles every time we play. He loves to see his belly pop!

9. Chewelery

Great for oral stimulation and for chewers. Textured and wearable. A great way to chewing on other things such as fingers and shirts.

10. Expedition Double Stroller

I love this double stroller, it has survived jogs, gate checks, Disney World, Montreal, Nashville, Boston and the streets of New York including the subway. It a larger size and didn’t fit in some of the smaller doorways in Montreal but it folds up quickly and has a nice basket under it, plus two drink holders. I picked this side by side because both of my kids prefer to see things at the same time not one in front of the other. It has held up and I am very happy with this purchase. In addition, the wheels come off and this stroller fits in our Corolla trunk as well as our Fusion so it will work with compact cars. I have been using this stroller weekly for 3 years and it has been worth every penny.

11. Tula Baby Carrier

While the Tula has a standard and toddler size. The free to grow is an amazing bargain. Fitting kids 7 – 45 pounds. It will be the only carrier you need. Due to its ability to carry larger size toddlers.  I often use soft structure carriers to help with Logan’s anxiety, traveling, or in busy areas such as fair, carnivals, or when I don’t have a stroller available.  The back-mesh panel also keeps him cool and his temperature regulated.

12. Ergo

I have two different carriers. I use both often and in fact,  I have used both at the same time to carry my kids. I use the Ergo for my youngest child and I like the adjustability of the straps and again the carriers are super convenient for use when we travel or go on outings. This picture is my youngest in a carrier enjoying Nashville.

13.) Melissa and Doug Wow Books

I can’t love these books any more than I already do. They are just genius. Paint with water books that are cheap, easy, mess-free, and reusable. They have different theme ones such as the farm, letters, numbers, sea adventure and princesses. A great opportunity to teach some letters and numbers to the little ones.  They don’t take up much room and easy to throw into a daypack. Perfect for road trips, restaurants, and a good quiet activity.

13.  Tegu Magnetic Blocks

I love the magnetic blocks for travel and for the airplane. The magnetic factor keeps them together so you are not climbing and bending under seats to pick up. They allow kids to explore different ways to build and are an excellent use of imaginative and free play.

14) Car Plug Power Inverter

Game Changer ..  this charging port. We use this in that car all the time. It can charge regular plug-in devices and had two USB ports. I like that I can charge two phones, two Kindles, and we can also charge our laptops and camera batteries during out road trips and adventures.

15) Clip-on fan

I used this clip on fan at many events, Disney, the beach, and walks in our stroller. I love that fact that is battery operated and easy to clip on. I even was able to clip this onto a baby carrier.  The fan has held up pretty well and produces a decent amount of cool air.

16. Beach Tent

Super easy to pop open and set up in less than 2 minutes, it has a flap that allows to the air to breeze through. Perfect place for kids to take a nap on the beach, change a diaper, and provide shade from the sun. I also love that it is super simple to set up.



17) Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

This cart makes it super easy to carry all our kid gear, sand toys, tents, and folds up so easily. It even comes with a detachable cargo bag to pack snacks for the beach. This has held up for many beach trips and occasionally pulled a kid or two.

18) Sand Toys

I am a huge fan of Melissa and Doug. These products are high quality and promote play and imagination.  My son and daughter both love to make cookies and be sand bakers on the beach. They are durable, easy to use and easy to clean up.

19) Hooded Beach Towel

I got Logan this beach towel his first beach trip and he is still using it 3 years later. The print and quality is great and withstood so many washes. I also like he can put it and nap on the beach with it as well as use it at home for imaginative play .. ARRGGHHH.. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate every now and then?

20) Beach Hats

These beach hats are my kids favorite. I like that they are wide-brimmed, lightweight and SPF proof. I use these at the beach and on our sunny day adventures. I love them so much that Logan has 3 blue hats. They have been on every trip and sometimes feel like a permanet part of my kids wardrobes.

21) Speedo Swimsuits

Logan has been wearing this suit for 3 years now.  The quality is amazing has withstood many beach and pool days. I bought the suit a size bigger however, it still fits him today.  Plus the suits are SPF so fewer areas to cover with sunblock, which makes Logan happy

22) My guilty pleasures

I love these maxi dresses… I can dress them up and down and I love to travel with them. They are easy to take care of and super easy plus they have pockets!! Flattering on all shapes and sizes.

23 ) Klean Kanteen

Last but not least, I love my Klean Kanteen bottle. Reviewed as one of the best water bottles of 2018. Easy to fill, drink from, leak-proof and light. We travel everywhere with these bottles, from other countries to playgrounds.  These are my go-too water bottles. I have even been fortunate to find some free Klean Kanteen refill stations along our way.

What are some of your favorite items to buy online? What are your favorite travel items? After looking at my beach gear I am itching for some sun on my face and some sand on my feet. Comment below and share with me.

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