Mexico City Vacation: We Took Our Kids and You Should Too

Where can you find some of the some of the best museums, amazing parks, gorgeous fountains, playgrounds, culture, history, arts, architecture, amazing restaurants, classy boutiques, mezcal, street vendors, street food, and some of the best churros ever? Mexico City. That is right Mexico City.

When my husband suggested Mexico for a trip, I thought just like you are thinking, Mexico City… Will we be safe? Is this the place we want to take our children? So I understand exactly what you are thinking but take all your misconceptions and toss them out of the window. My family which consist of two small children; one with special needs were very safe and enjoyed every aspect of Mexico City. Let me tell you why…

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Our Experience With TSA Cares

Belts, jackets, scarfs, and shoes off.  Electronics in this bucket, personal items in another. Step forward, wait here, walk through, and keep moving.

One of the hardest parts of our travels seems to be TSA. It can be frustrating for any family but when traveling with a special needs child the task of just getting through can seem so daunting and overwhelming before even getting started.There have been many times I have run after Logan with one shoe on, one bag in my hand, trying to slide the other shoe on trying to catch up to him.

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